Help - Natro Macro

Installation Instructions:

For Windows Users:
  • Download the latest release of Natro Macro from the download page. It will be a .zip file.
  • Once downloaded, extract the contents of the ZIP file to a folder on your computer.
  • In the extracted folder, you’ll find a file named START.bat. Double-click this file to run it.
  • After running the START.bat file, wait for the macro to load and follow any additional instructions that appear.
  • You may need to adjust the macro settings according to your preferences. Guidance for settings can usually be found in the Discord server or in the documentation provided with the download.

If you encounter any issues, the Discord server is a good place to ask for help. There are often channels dedicated to troubleshooting and common problems.

Known Issues:

In-game Settings Adjustment

Issue: Incorrect in-game settings in Roblox can cause problems with Natro Macro.

Solution: Adjust the in-game settings such as shift lock switch, camera mode, movement mode, language, performance stats, micro profile, and camera inverted.

Movement Speed

Issue: Having speed buffs or oils in Bee Swarm Simulator can affect the macro's performance.

Solution: Ensure you don't have any speed buffs or oils active when using the macro.

Hive Slot Number

Issue: The macro may not function correctly if the hive slot number is set incorrectly.

Solution: Identify your hive slot number from the cannon and set it correctly in the Natro Macro.

Windows Settings

Issue: Incorrect Windows settings can interfere with the macro's operation.

Solution: Change your Windows settings, such as scale and layout, display resolution, display orientation, language, and color filters.

External GPU Settings

Issue: External sharpening settings on your GPU may cause issues.

Solution: Turn off any external sharpening settings on your GPU.

GUI Offset Detection

Issue: The macro may display an error message stating "Unable to detect in-game GUI offset."

Solution: This issue is typically resolved by ensuring you have the latest version of the macro and that all settings are correctly configured.